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Our philosophy at TOVE is centred around creating beautiful, considered design with longevity in the most environmentally responsible way. Through a mindful approach we produce a minimal, refined wardrobe using luxury fabrics and signature details. We source our fabrics from mills that share our vision of creating in a low impact way and focus on utilising the finest quality natural, organic and recycled fabrics. Manufacture is mainly at source to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Each collection piece is purposefully conceived to transcend seasons and our luxury materials are chosen for both their beauty and durability. Our process begins with sourcing the principle fabrics we use throughout the collections.
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Our organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard for Social and Ecological) or Oeko Tex certified. Both accreditations are industry leading and verify that our cotton fabric has been produced in a considerate way. The dyes used meet high standards from an environmental and toxicological perspective, ensuring that their production is both safe for the environment and the wearer. An emphasis is also placed on ensuring that ecologically sound and reduced waste water systems that are kind to the environment are in place throughout the production process.
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Silk is our other principle fabric. Chosen for its beauty to wear as well as its versatility. Like cotton it is a natural fabric, which ensures its durability and at the end of its life cycle it is fully degradable. Elsewhere a conscious approach continues throughout the collection with regard to fabrics. Recycled and locally sourced heritage fabrics are used along with natural wool to continue this narrative. All TOVE labelling and packaging is either recycled, recyclable or created with the intention of being reused for the current season and beyond.
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