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TOVE is an advanced contemporary brand conceived with the ethos of creating a minimal, refined wardrobe for the modern woman. Inspired by the lives of these women, the label explores the concept of creating collections that layer season upon season. Each piece is designed to be relevant, yet exhibit a timeless quality that ensures longevity. Expert craftsmanship and luxury fabrics provide the foundation of each collection. Sustainability is at the centre of the brands’ philosophy. Fabrics are sourced from mills that share a vision of creating in a low impact way. The finest quality natural, organic and recycled fabrics with environmental and social certifications are used throughout the collections and manufacture is mainly at source to keep carbon footprint to a minimum.
TOVE Studio TOVE Studio
Every TOVE design is meticulously considered and forms part of an edit of signature pieces. The generosity in the cut of the fabric and the design detail in each piece epitomises the focus of the brand. The motivation; to curate a collection of elevated feminine pieces, with distinct silhouettes that transition seamlessly between occasions. Never restrictive, each piece transcends the season. TOVE is borne from the girl’s name originating from Denmark. It stands for strength and beauty, perfectly encapsulating everything that TOVE epitomises. TOVE was founded by Camille Perry and Holly Wright in 2019
TOVE Studio